- Kira Barrett, Author -

Kira Barrett grew up running around on an ostrich farm in New Jersey. As a child entrepreneur, she would handwrite, illustrate, and “publish” her own books. As an adult entrepreneur, she would become a dual-business owner, personal trainer, and then - combining her passion for wellness and education - the founder of FitBump.


After the birth of her two sons, Kira realized she had much more still to create – including lots of homemade baby food. Their mealtime adventures led to the inspiration for her first children’s book, Avocado Mustache. She is currently working on a variety of new books as well as her Masters in Children's and Young Adult Writing from the Vermont College of Fine Arts. From her writing desk in Bucks County, PA she can see a magical 250-year-old waterfall, and avocados really are her favorite food.

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